Fire Policy Review

Part of your overall fire safety management within your business is to have a sufficient and effective fire safety policy that is communicated to your staff, customers, visitors and contractors.

The policy should detail all fire safety arrangements from management and their responsibilities down to the staff.

As basic policy should include:

Management Responsibilities

  • Duties of Fire Safety Manager

  • Contractors

  • Visitors


Fire Safety Provisions

  • Fire Safety Risk Assessments

  • Emergency Procedures

  • Fire Evacuation Plan

  • Dangerous Substances

Staff Training

  • Basic Training

  • Site Specific Training

  • Fire Warden Training

Fire Safety Management

  • Fire Doors

  • Firefighting Equipment

  • Staff Personal Items Policies

The above is not exhaustive and all policies should be devised specific to your business practices and premises.

We are currently offering a free review of your fire safety policy where we will look at all areas of your policy to determine if it is sufficient and advise you on areas for improvement or what to include.