Does your business have too many Fire Extinguishers?

It is essential for your business to have the correct fire fighting equipment to comply with the Fire Safety Order but do you have more extinguishers than you need?

Un-necessary extinguishers mean more costs upfront and extra costs when having to service or replace them.

Installation Guidelines

When installing Fire Extinguishers the positioning of them should be inline with BS5036 which states:

  • Extinguishers should be placed by fire exits where possible.

  • No one should have to travel further than 30 meters to get to an extinguisher (this is reduced to 10 meters for Class B & F).

  • In high risk areas they should be placed in order to avod confusion on which type should be used.

Number of Fire Extinguishers Needed

As a rule one 13A rated Extinguisher covers 200m squared of floor area.

To calculate simply divide the floor area by 200 and round up.

For example: A floor area of 1300 square meters would be 1300 / 200 = 6.5 Round it up to 7 to give you the minimum number of extinguishers you would require.

There should be a minium of 2 extinguishers per floor unless the upper floor is below 100m squared or single occupancy where only one would then be required.

What type of Fire Extinguisher do I need?

The type of extinguisher your business requires depends completely on the type of risk. This is normally determined in your Fire Risk Assessment.

Now available is the E-Series Water Mist extinguisher which is ok for use across Class A, B, C, F & Electrical Fires.

This completely cuts out the need for numerous extinguishers therefore making it a more cost effective solution for your business.

Available in 1, 3, & 6L it is a non toxic, environmental friendly extinguisher and also can be used in enclosed areas with no risk unlike the CO2 extinguisher.

For further information or queries you may have on Fire Extinguisher requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.

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