Business Safety Week

The Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) came up with the idea of Business Safety Week to help businesses manage their risk of fire.

Business Safety Week has been scheduled to run at a time where businesses will have more stock and an increase in employees for the seasonal period.

Fire Services across the UK will be assisting businesses in their local communities in managing their fire risk, completing risk assessments and ensure business owners are meeting the required fire safety standards.

In 2012-13 there were 1826 fires in industrial premises, 5671 fires in commercial / retail premises and 1017 fires in health /hospital premises.

Take part in Business Safety Week by ensuring your fire safety procedures are up to date including Staff Training, Fire Risk Assessments and Fire Fighting Equipment checks.

Follow the Mnemonic S I M P L E for Safety Tips for your business.

• Store stock safely: keep corridors, stairs and exits clear • Identify alarm points so you can warn others • Make sure doors are closed to stop fires from spreading • Place things that catch fire away from things that cause fire • Let someone know if you spot fire safety problems • Ensure everyone knows what to do if a fire alarm sounds

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