Tick Tock Test - Smoke Alarms

This weekend see's the end of BST with the clocks going back an hour at 2am on the 25th October 2015.

We are supporting the governments Tick Tock Test Campaign which encourages you to test your smoke alarms when changing your clocks.

In 2013/14 there was 322 fatal fires in Great Britain.

38% of fire deaths in the home occurred in properties where there was no working smoke alarm installed and nearly a fifth if deaths occurred where the smoke alarm did not work.

Working smoke alarms can allow you vital time to escape from your property in the event of a fire. You are 4 times more likely to survive a house fire where working smoke alarms are installed.

Over half the people that died in house fires last year were over the age of 65 so use this opportunity to test the smoke alarms of elderly relatives or neighbours.

How to choose a Smoke Alarm

As a minimum you should install a smoke alarm on each level of your property. Rooms that have electrical equipment such as TV's & computers etc should also have an alarm installed.

Always choose a smoke alarm that meets the British Standard BS EN 14604

We offer a range of Smoke Alarms including 10 year lifespan. Have a look at our alarms here:

Maintaining your Smoke Alarms

Follow these points to keep your alarm in good working order

  • Test all alarms once a week by pressing the test button until the alarm sounds

  • Change the battery every 12 months unless it is a sealed 10 year alarm or mains powered

  • Replace the alarm after 10 years of use

  • Every 3 months clean and hoover out the alarm to prevent a build-up of dust and insects

We also offer a free smoke alarm test reminder service in which we tweet or email you a reminder at the interval of your choice:

For further information and advice please visit our website or contact us direct.

You can follow the campaign on Twitter using #ticktocktest

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