Save Money on Your Fire Extinguisher Installations

The Jewel Saffire E-Series (Water Mist) Extinguishers are fairly new to the market but offer a broader range of cover than your normal Water Extinguisher.

Covering all classes of fire Class A, B, C, E & F they make an excellent choice of fire extinguisher for your premises with the added fact they can also be used on Deep Fat Fryer Fires which are normal dealt with by using the expensive Wet Chemical extinguisher.

Due to been able to cover all classes of fire the water mist extinguisher allows you to reduce your current installation as well as reducing the costs of staff fire extinguisher training.

For example if you currenty have a fire point with a Water Extinguisher (Class A) and CO2 (Electrical) both of these could be replaced by the one 6L Water Mist Extinguisher as it covers both classes.

They have also passed the 35kv electrical test making them safe to use on electrical fires.

Just as powerful and with a longer discharge than the standard 9L Water the 6L Water Mist Extinguisher is an ideal solution for your fire extinguisher installations.

E-Series Water Mist Extinguisher Advantages

  • Proven to knock down fire in a faster amount of time.

  • No chemicals so environmentally friendly and making them safer to use in small spaces.

  • Cuts hesitation on which is the correct extinguisher to choose as it is the only one.

  • Only contains demineralised water so less mess.

  • Very little damage caused to equipment and stock when used.

  • Less extinguishers so less Installation, Maintenance and Training Costs.

Whilst many businesses are trying to save money where they can the water mist extinguishers are a solution to cost saving whilst still maintaining the required level of fire cover.

For more information on the Water Mist Extinguisher or to see how we can reduce your costs on your Fire Extinguisher installations please contact us.