Landlord Fire Safety Prosecutions

Every month we see successful prosecutions against landlords for disregard to fire safety and other housing regulations.

At present even after prosecutions landlords are allowed to carry on providing properties to let which is something that needs to be addressed.

As a minimum so called rogue landlords who have been successfully prosecuted should be placed on a register that is available to search allowing tenants to see if their landlords has any previous housing regulation convictions.

An even better response would be for local authorities to revoke licences and not issue a further one in response to successful prosecutions.

Tenants safety is paramount and with regards to fire safety nothing should be overlooked or ignored in a bid to maximise profits.

The following are successful convictions of landlords throughout 2016. The fines stated may not be solely for fire safety breaches but fire safety is included in the various breached regulations.

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John Gregson £40,000 fine for fire safety breaches.

Liverpool Echo

Hari Amedi, Leeds fined for letting out unsafe property.

Yorkshire Evening Post

Kanagaratnam Kesavan fined £16000 for renting hazardous property to a family.

Ex fire fighter Adrian Webb and his wife fined £8000 for breaching safety regulations.

Liverpool Echo

Cyrus Bassiri jailed for 19 months and fined £13,820 for putting profit before safety.


Mohammed Habibur Rahman of Redruth fined over £2000 for failing to carry our fire safety work.


JV Chandler and Co Builders Ltd based in Woodley fined £2,700 and ordered to pay costs of £3,000 for failing to maintain an HMO in London.

Andrew Tunstall fined £1,500 after lack of management leading to breach of fire safety laws.

South-east London housing association Lewisham Homes fined £40,000 for breaching fire safety law.

Bradford landlord Kabir Hussain ordered to pay more than £12,000 for a number of safety breaches.


John Cashin of Baslow, Derbyshire fined £1000 for serious fire safety breaches.

Sukhvinder Singh Swali, of Wollaton Road, Wollaton fined £3,650 after admitting breaches of housing law.

Selvakumar Francis of Kingston Road, Wimbledon fined over £15,000 for breach of health and safety laws.

Russell Brown crammed 10 migrants into building described as having imminent risk of fire.

For further information on what is required under the Fire Safety Order 2005 please get in touch and we will be more than happy to advise you.

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