Basic or Extended Service?

Sometimes when a customer requires their fire extinguishers servicing they are unaware that it is an extended service that is required.

This is when the extinguisher requires a test discharge followed by the refilling of its contents.

Before contacting a company for a quote the way you can tell what service is required is by looking at the maintenance label.

On the label, there will be a box that normally has a year stated within it just like the one in the photo.

This is the year that a test discharge is required.

It is also useful to know this info as it also prevents you been told they need extended services and charged for it when in fact they only need a basic annual service.

The schedules below are for information purposes only to show what an engineer should be checking and at what frequencies.

Fire Extinguisher serving should be carried out by a qualified engineer.

Basic Service (Every 12 months)

  • Visual Inspection

  • Check the tamper seal and pressure gauge for signs of use.

  • Ensure the operating instructions on the cylinder are clear and legible.

  • Remove discharge hose and check for signs of damage and corrosion.

  • Replace the hose O Ring.

  • Weigh the extinguisher and record the weight.

  • There should be no more than a 10% weight loss, if so discharge and refill will be required.

  • Clean down the extinguisher.

  • Replace on the stand or wall mounting ensuring it is secure.

Extended Service

  • Every 5 years Water, Foam, Powder, and Wet Chemical fire extinguishers require a more detailed examination in the form of an extended service,

  • CO2 extinguishers are rep refurbished or replaced after 10 years.

  • Discharge the extinguisher to ensure it operates correctly.

  • Remove the headcap and check for signs of damage.

  • Examine the inside of the cylinder for signs of corrosion.

  • Rinse out water based extinguishers with clean water.

  • Replace all O rings including the headcap ring.

  • Refill the extinguisher.

  • Replace the headcap.

  • Recharge the extinguisher and replace on its mounting.

It is sometimes more cost effective to replace the extinguishers for new depending on service charges.

Please visit our fire extinguisher servicing page to see how we can assist you with your servicing requirements.