Halloween Fire Safety

As hard as it may be to believe it is nearly the time of year many adults and their children will be celebrating Halloween it needs to be ensured the costumes been worn adhere to European Standards.

Thousands of costumes sold each year do not comply to the standards and are at risk of catching fire whilst your child is wearing it. That been said even costumes that do meet the standards still pose the risk of catching fire so keeping away from naked flames such as lighters, candles, fires & matches is advised to ensure children can safely enjoy Halloween as it is intended to be.

Tips for purchasing costumes:

  • Make sure there is a CE mark on the label – further information on marking can be found at

  • Check there is a name and address of the manufacturer on the packaging.

  • Buy from a reputable retailer so if something does go wrong they will have a procedure you can follow.

  • Check for product recalls at and report any costumes without the correct CE marking to Trading Standards.

What should you do if clothing does catch fire?

Where possible never leave children alone near naked flames such as candles, especially in lit pumpkins and always extinguish the candles when leaving the room. If the worse does happen and clothing catches fire remember the following actions: STOP

Do not run away stay exactly where you are. DROP

Drop to the ground laying down. ROLL

Roll over the ground in an attempt to extinguish the flames until they are out and seek medical assistance should it be required.

Top Fire Safety Tip

Instead of using a normal candle in pumpkins consider using LED lit candles.

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