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The P-Foam additive in the Lithco LB6 achieves a perfect balance between penetrating
a device with a failing lithium-ion battery and absorbing its intense heat.


An applicator lance keeps the user at a safer distance from the burning battery for the best chance at extinguishing the fire and preventing propagation.


Most li-ion extinguishers are effective on naked battery cells in thermal runaway. The Lithco LB6 agent, with its low surface tension, offers better penetration of enclosed or sealed units like laptops, handheld devices such as mobile phones, power banks, power tool batteries, and building backup systems.


With an excellent Class A fire rating the LB6 can replace other water-based extinguishers, removing duplication and saving money.

(UltraFire) Lithium-Ion Fire Extinguisher

Excluding VAT |
    • Designed to tackle battery fires in devices like UPS backup systems, laptops, power tools, and equipment charging stations
    • Extinguisher rating: 27A (BS EN3-7 Certified by DNV-GL)
    • Additional testing: 21B (to BS EN3-7 test standards)
    • Independently tested up to 360Wh battery capacity
    • Counts as part of your Class A extinguisher requirement – cover multiple hazards with one unit
    • Can also be used on smaller devices like power banks, smartphones, tablets, and portable games consoles
    • Di-electrically tested – safe for use on live electrical equipment up to 1,000 Volts
    • Fitted with an applicator lance for extra firefighter safety
    • Wall mounting bracket included as standard
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