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Water mist fire extinguishers are a type of fire extinguisher that use water in the form of tiny droplets to extinguish fires. They are versatile and can be used on a range of fire classes, including Class A (ordinary combustibles), Class B (flammable liquids), and Class C (gases). They have also been aprroved for the use on electrical fires.


Water mist fire extinguishers work by using a fine mist to cool the fire, as well as displace the oxygen that the fire needs to burn.


The mist also creates a barrier between the fuel and the flames, which helps to prevent the fire from spreading.


One of the advantages of water mist fire extinguishers is that they are non-toxic and leave no residue, which makes them safe to use in areas where sensitive equipment or materials are present.


They are also suitable for use on fires involving flammable liquids and gases, as well as electrical equipment, which can be difficult to extinguish with other types of extinguishers.

(UltraFire) Water Mist Extinguishers

PriceFrom £45.99
Excluding VAT |
    • Suitable for use on class A, B, C, and electrical fires
    • Kitemarked to BS EN 3 and CE marked
    • No residue after discharge
    • 100% environmentally friendly
    • 35kV dielectrical test pass and use of de-ionised water make it safe on live electrical equipment of up to 1000V
    • Supplied complete with wall mounting bracket
    • 5 Year Warranty
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