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Wet chemical fire extinguishers are a type of fire extinguisher that use a special type of liquid agent to extinguish fires involving cooking oils and fats, which are commonly found in commercial kitchens.


The wet chemical agent used in these extinguishers reacts with the hot cooking oil or fat to create a soapy foam that cools the fire and forms a barrier between the fuel and the flames.


They are also effective at preventing re-ignition of the fire, which is important when dealing with cooking oils and fats and can also be used on Class A fires.



(UltraFire) Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers

Excluding VAT |
    • Fire extinguisher rating: 13A, 75F
    • Kitemarked to BS EN3:1996 and CE marked
    • MED approved
    • Ideal for use in commercial and industrial kitchens
    • Lance applicator provides safe operating distance
    • Dielectrically tested to 35kV complying with BS EN3-7
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