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Fire Escape Plans

Fire Escape Plan


Fire escape plans also known as fire evacuation plans are a pictorial plan displayed for the occupants of a facility with the elements for escape shown, and which shows the information required for the evacuation that includes:

  • Designated Escape Routes

  • Fire Exits

  • Fire Alarm Call Points

  • Designated Firefighting Equipment



Intended be displayed within workplaces and public spaces they should be clearly visible and located at points within escape routes such as:


  • By Lifts

  • By Stairwells

  • Primary Entry Points

  • Back of the door in every room of a hotel or similar accommodation



We provide plans for the following types of premises:

  • Residential

  • Schools, Colleges & Universities

  • Offices

  • Shopping Centres

  • Hotels

  • Commercial inc Factories & Warehouses

Basically we can provide plans for any type of premise that requires one.


Design Process


Our design process is straightforward and tailored to meet your specific requirements.


Simply provide us with your floor plans or drawings marked with relevant information, such as fire exits, travel routes, fire alarm call point locations, and any additional details.


Based on this information, our experts will design a comprehensive fire escape plan that encompasses all the necessary elements.

1) You provide us with your floor plans or drawing marked up with the relevant information such as designated fire exits, route of travel, location of fire alarm call points, you are here points and any other relevant information.

2) The fire escape plan will be designed using the information you have provided.


3) Once finalised the plans will be emailed you via pdf for your confirmation and we can make any alterations you need if required.

We can also provide the plans printed on high quality photo paper or framed within A4 snap frames if required and we will ask for your preference at the quote stage.

You can upload your flan plans or drawings via the form below or alternatively email them to us at

Where are they displayed?

What premises can fire escape plans be created for?

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Thank you for your submission...we will be in touch.

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