Are your fire doors in good order and compliant?

HMO Fire Risk Assessment

Are you a landlord or managing agent of an House of multiple occupation (HMO)?

As a landlord you have a legal obligation to ensure your premises are compliant and safe from the effects of fire providing a safe & secure living environment for your tenants.

We specialise in carrying out fire risk assessment for landlords of HMO's & blocks of flats and can assist you in the management of your fire safety obligations.

What you will get from us:


  • A full and easy to understand fire risk assessment from £235

  • Plan of Action where required.

  • Free Digital Fire Safety Log Book.

  • Flexible payment plans can be negotiated.

  • Fast turnarounds on our assessments.

  • A professional service that helps you achieve your legal obligations.

  • Cloud based portal where you can log in, see your fire risk assessment in real time, add photos & comments and update your action plan.

Multiple sites? No problem!

Once we have completed our fire risk assessments are uploaded to our online portal with he following features:

  • Add notes to the assessment

  • Update tasks depending on current status

  • The fire risk assessment updates live as you update it

  • See assessments from multiple sites all in one place

  • Allows us to see your progress as you go and offer assistance accordingly

For in in depth landlord fire risk assessment you can update as you go with live changes get in touch today.

Call us today on 0800 180 4132 to arrange your quote