How much does a fire door survey cost?

Ensuring your doors are the correct type and are in a condition to do their intended job is just as important as ensuring your fire alarm system is in working order.

A fire door survey will look at the overall condition of your fire doors and produce a full report containing defects and how to rectify them.


When carrying out fire door inspections within your premises you should be looking at the following as a minimum:



  • Does the door have a fire door scheme label on the top, if not can you confirm it is in fact a fire door and has been certificated as such?

  • Ratings of Fire Door Set Fire door sets come in various sizes the most common been FD30 and FD60.

  • If certification is not available then you can measure the thickness of the door FD30 (44mm) FD60 (54mm)


Door Leaf

  • Is the door frame firmly attached to the wall and is the frame to door leaf gap consistently 3mm all the way round?


Intumescent / Smoke Seals

  • Are intumescent seals in place, free from damage and continuous around the door frame or door leaf?



  • Is there a minimum of 3 CE marked hinges fitted with all the screws present and are the screws the correct size?


Door Closers

  • Does the door close and engage with the latch when opened and is the closer securely attached to the door and frame?


Hold Open Devices

  • Does the hold open device release the door when required?


Glazing and Glass

  • Is the intumescent seal continuous and attached to the glass and bead? Also if the glass has been replaced is it fire rated and are glazing panels below 1500mm of the bottom of the door safety glass?

Door Leaf & Threshold Gaps

  • Is there a continuous gap under the door that allows the door to move and close without sticking on the flooring and is the floor to door gap consistently 10mm or less when the door is closed?

  • If smoke seals are seated the maximum gap should be 3mm 

Fire Door Surveys

With regards to cost of the survey it will vary from provider to provider but you should expect to be paying anything in the region of £8 to £12 for a single door set and £14 to £18 for a double door set.

The number of doors, location of premises etc will all play apart in the overall cost of the survey.

For more information on anything contained within this section please get in touch or if you would like a quote for your fire door survey you can get an instant online quote here.

Fire Door Inspection Guidance