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Fire Safety Induction Training

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Employee Fire Safety Induction Training

When new employee’s including temporary, part time and seasonal staff join your company they should receive induction training in fire safety on their first day.

This reduces the risk to themselves, other employees and the public. Legislation and Section 21 of the Fire Safety Order states that employees are provided with adequate training when they are first employed. What is deemed as "adequate" all depends on the type of work been carried out and the premises they work from. For example the fire safety training given to an employee in a small office will differ greatly to an employee in a large warehouse with machinery to also take into consideration. As well as what is included within basic fire safety awareness training all site specific risks should be included. The type of training required and when it should be undertaken should form part of your overall fire safety management and be included within the businesses fire safety policy.

What should fire safety induction training cover?

Induction training should include the following:

  • Tour of your premises

  • The location of emergency exits

  • The location of designated assembly points

  • What to do if they discover a fire

  • Actions on hearing the fire alarm

  • Locations of fire safety equipment and call points.

  • Company smoking policy and designates areas

  • Importance of keeping escape routes and exits clear of obstructions

  • Importance of closing fire doors

  • Any specific brief that relates to the work carried out on your premises

Fire drills and any other relevant fire safety training should then follow at the earliest opportunity. Effective and relevant fire safety awareness training will help:

  • Minimise the risk of fire within the workplace

  • Improve your overall fire & health & safety culture

  • Develop staff roles in case of a fire emergency so there is no confusion

  • Prove to the relevant bodies your staff are trained and you take your responsibilities seriously

The workplaces fire safety policy and evacuation procedures should also be reviewed as part of the induction training. Tip: Remember to give fire safety awareness training to all staff, even if casual or seasonal workers.

We have produced a fire safety induction training checklist for you to download an use within your business. If you would like a copy you can download one here: Fire Safety Induction Training Checklist

By downloading the checklist you agree that responsibility of ensuring the correct level of fire safety training is carried out within your organisation is with you.

We also currently offer a number of online courses which are fully CPD approved covering both:

  • General Fire Safety Awareness

  • Fire Safety for Care Homes

  • Fire Safety for Hospital Staff

  • Fire Safety for Hotel Staff

  • Fire Safety for School Staff

  • Online Fire Warden Training

Whilst online courses assist in fire safety awareness training of staff it is important that they are combined with the employees knowing the premises they work within and the location of all fire safety related equipment & exits.

Any questions you have regarding fire safety training or if you would like further information on the courses we offer please do not hesitate to get in touch.

For information on the fire safety awareness and fire marshal training courses we offer please visit our Fire Safety Training Page.

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