Fire Safety Induction Training

Updated: Sep 8

Employee Fire Safety Induction Training

When new employee’s including temporary, part time and seasonal staff join your company they should receive induction training in fire safety on their first day.

This reduces the risk to themselves, other employees and the public.

Induction training should include the following:

  • Tour of your premises

  • The location of emergency exits

  • The location of designated assembly points

  • What to do if they discover a fire

  • Actions on hearing the fire alarm

  • Locations of fire safety equipment and call points.

  • Company Smoking policy and designates areas

  • Importance of keeping escape routes and exits clear of obstructions

  • Importance of closing fire doors

  • Any specific brief that relates to the work carried out on your premises

Fire drills and any other relevant safety training should then follow at the earliest opportunity.

At White Rose Fire Safety we offer online workplace fire awareness courses that cover all topics necessary to ensure your staff have been trained as per the requirements of the Fire Safety Order.

Please take a look at our Online Courses page for further information or contact us by phone on 0800 180 4132 or email at


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