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Fire risk assessment cost

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

How much does a fire risk assessment cost? A question that is often asked and the answer is it varies for premise to premise. The cost for a very small shop, salon type building can be around the £200 mark where a large warehouse can be anything up to £1000 and above depending on the working processes within.

Costs all depends on the actual time to assess the building and complete the write up of the assessment with the price determined on how much work on research of various standards and legislation is required. Another common question is...why are other peoples fire risk assessment costs cheaper than yours?

Our answer would be you will have to ask them that but will always warn you about cheap and cheerful risk assessments. Fire safety is not an area where quality of assessment should ever be compromised on cheap costs....we see companies claiming to be able to offer fire risk assessments for £99 which they may very well do but doubt the quality going into those assessments is sufficient to meet the requirements. Buy a cheap bottle of red wine and you can pour it down the sink if it is not up to scratch....purchase cheap and cheerful fire risk assessments because you are looking to save costs and then if it does not meet the suitable & sufficient standards for your premises you may will be prosecuted or at least find yourself issued with an enforcement notice from the fire service.

We base our prices on the level of detail required for each type of premise based on all the many premises we have assessed and guarantee if our recommendations are followed your staff, customers, pupils, visitor or tenants will be safe and building will be legally compliant.

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If you would like a quote for your fire risk assessment you can get an instant online quote here where your fire risk assessment cost will be displayed on screen and emailed to you. You can also get a break down of our risk assessment costs by visiting our pricing page and download our cost breakdown.

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