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What details should a fire risk assessment include?

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

A fire risk assessment should look at and included all hazards within your premises and the risk of those hazards presenting a major issue. Once completed the assessment should look to eliminate or reduce the risks where possible by implementing suitable control measures.

There are 5 steps to forming a fire risk assessment which included:

Identify people at risk

  • Who is at risk? Staff, customer, visitors etc

  • Have you identified why they are at risk? Work alone, registered disabled, carry out safety critical work?

Identify any hazards

  • Have you identified all potential fuel, ignition and oxygen sources? i.e. uncontrolled flammables

Evaluate, remove or reduce the risks

  • Are your fire safety measures adequate? Staff training, fire detection, fire extinguishing equipment, escape routes, fire doors & signage.

Record your findings

  • Have all significant recordings been listed on your assessment and have you put a plan in place to reduce the risks?

Review and update the fire risk assessment as required

  • Do you carry out regular reviews of your assessment or have you altered your premises in anyway that means your original assessment should be reviewed.

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