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P50 fire extinguishers are made of composite materials that make them much lighter and easier to handle than traditional extinguishers.


They are also corrosion-proof and can last for up to ten years without needing to be serviced or refilled therefore saving you money on future servicing costs.


One of the main benefits of P50 fire extinguishers is that they are environmentally friendly.


They do not contain any chemicals that could harm the environment, and they can be recycled at the end of their life.


They also reduce the carbon footprint associated with traditional fire extinguishers, as they do not need to be transported to and from a service center.


P50 fire extinguishers are suitable for use in a wide range of environments, including offices, schools, hospitals, factories, warehouses and they are also approved for use in marine environments, as they are resistant to saltwater corrosion.

P50 (Service Free) Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher

PriceFrom £179.99
Excluding VAT |
    • Save over 50% on your extinguisher servicing and maintenance costs.
    • Superior fire ratings, can reduce the number of extinguishers you need.
    • Suitable for use on Class F fires are live electrical equipment up to 1000 Volts.
    • 10-year guarantee and a 20-year lifespan.
    • CE marked and Kitemarked to BS EN3 by BSI.
    • Corrosion, weatherproof construction with UV resistance, ideal for outdoor applications.
    • Environmentally friendly with a low-carbon low-waste production processRecyclable – made from components that can be recycled or reused.
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