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Section 156 The Building Safety Act 2022

What is Section 156?


Section 156 of the Building Safety Act 2022 is legislation introduce din the wake of the Grenfel disaster that amends the Fire Safety Order 2005.

These regulations are relevant to any premises that are not used for domestic purposes, including workplaces, commercial buildings, and shared areas of residential complexes such as (communal areas & plant rooms).


They do not pertain to individual households.

What is required under Section 156?

​A brief outline:

  • All RP must record their completed fire risk assessment in full

  • Name of persons or organisation carrying out the fire risk assessment must be recorded

  • RP must demonstrate how fire safety is being managed in the building

  • RP must record their contact details & keep updated

  • Work together with other RP of the building where relevant

  • Share all relevant information when a new RP takes over the building

  • Provide residents with easy to understand fire safety information (where 2 or more sets of domestic premises)

* RP denotes Responsible Person (name of persons or corporate entity)

How do I comply with Section 156?

It is important that your fire risk assessment covers all of the above and details how and what information should be provided to the residents.

If you would like further information on Section 156 or how to implement it within your fire safety management process call us on

0800 180 4132 and we will be more than happy to assist you further.




Click here to download

You can also download our fact sheet that explains Section 156 in full along with check list to remind you of what needs to be given to your residents.

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