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What should a fire risk assessment include?

The fire risk assessment must cover the following steps

A fire risk assessment should look at and included all hazards within your premises and the risk of those hazards presenting a major issue.

Once completed the assessment should look to eliminate or reduce the risks where possible by implementing suitable control measures.

The assessment covers everything that a business is responsible for under the Fire Safety Order 2005 including:


  • Hazards & risks

  • People at risk

  • Fire detection & firefighting equipment

  • Staff fire awareness training

  • Fire safety policies & evacuation procedures

  • Passive fire protection including fire doors


There are 5 steps to forming a fire risk assessment which included:


Identify people at risk

  • Who is at risk? Staff, customer, visitors etc

  • Have you identified why they are at risk? Work alone, registered disabled, carry out safety critical work?


Identify any hazards

  • Have you identified all potential fuel, ignition and oxygen sources? i.e. uncontrolled flammables


Evaluate, remove or reduce the risks

  • Are your fire safety measures adequate?  Staff training, fire detection, fire extinguishing equipment, escape routes, fire doors & signage.


Record your findings


  • Have all significant recordings been listed on your assessment and have you put a plan in place to reduce the risks?


Review and update the fire risk assessment as required

  • Do you carry out regular reviews of your assessment or have you altered your premises in anyway that means your original assessment should be reviewed.


If you are looking to carry out your own fire risk assessment, please have a look at our fire risk assessment template to get a good indication of what should be covered.

Alternatively if you are looking to have a fire risk assessment carried out professionally you can get an instant online quote from us.

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