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Fire Door Inspection

Fire Door Survey Ensuring Fire Safety Compliance and Protection

Fire doors play a crucial role in protecting lives and property during a fire.


Regular inspections are essential to identify wear and damage that could compromise their performance. As part of your comprehensive risk assessment and fire safety management, maintaining fire doors is of utmost importance.

The Legal Requirement for Fire Door Inspections

Article 17 of the Fire Safety Order establishes a legal obligation to adequately maintain fire-resisting doors and escape doors. Failure to comply can result in consequences such as enforcement notices and prosecution.


Fire doors are a key area that fire services scrutinize during building audits, emphasizing the significance of maintaining passive fire protection.

Frequency of Fire Door Inspections

BS9999 recommends inspecting fire doors every 6 months, although more frequent inspections may be necessary depending on the building's usage and door activity. It is crucial to engage a competent and qualified fire door inspector to conduct your fire door survey, ensuring compliance and thorough assessments.

Comprehensive Fire Door Survey Services

Our expert team offers comprehensive fire door surveys to safeguard your premises. By adhering to BS:8214 standards, we conduct detailed inspections of all your fire doors. Our survey provides you with same-day reports delivered via email, ensuring prompt access to vital information.

Key Areas Covered in Our Fire Door Surveys

During our fire door surveys, we meticulously assess various aspects to guarantee compliance and optimal performance. Our inspections include:

  1. Validating the correct rating of the door for its location through fire door certification.

  2. Ensuring that any existing damage does not compromise the door's effectiveness during a fire.

  3. Verifying the presence of proper hardware, including self-closers and hinges.

  4. Confirming the use of appropriate intumescent strips where necessary.

  5. Checking that gaps between the door and frame meet permitted width limits.

  6. Verifying correct installation and rating of any glazing, where applicable.

Beyond the points highlighted above, our qualified fire door surveyors cover additional critical aspects during the inspection process. Your safety is our priority, and we leave no stone unturned when it comes to fire door assessments.

Schedule Your Fire Door Survey Today

Don't take chances with fire safety.

Ensure c
ompliance, protect lives, and mitigate risks by scheduling a professional fire door survey.  Contact us now to book our services and receive a thorough assessment of your fire doors.



Costs depend on factors such as location, usage and size of building - to get a quote please call 0800 180 4132 or email


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