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Fire Marshal Responsibilities 

A fire marshals job description is much more than leading people out of a building during a fire evacuation and whilst this is of course part of the role the main responsibility is to ensure fire does not occur in the first place.

By carrying out checks at certain intervals dependent on the check the fire marshal can then identify any issues as they arise and report them to the relevant persons for further action to be taken.

The fire marshal also known as a fire warden should also take part in the
fire safety risk assessment procedure so they are up to date on all current requirements and areas of workplace fire safety that could do with improving.

The role of fire marshal will normally be designated down from the fire safety responsible person, usually the business owner.

Fire Marshal Responsibilities Include: 

  • Checking the functionality of fire alarms & emergency lighting

  • Checking emergency fire exits & escape routes

  • Checking fire safety equipment

  • Initiating fire drills

  • Ensuring everyone evacuates on sounding of fire alarm 

  • Accounting for all members of staff

Of course the above is not exhaustive and the requirements can differ greatly from premise to premises dependent on working practices.​

Who is responsible for using a fire extinguisher?

Anyone who has had the appropriate training can use fire extinguishers but within the workplace this is normally nominated to the fire marshal who will undertake further practical training in the safe use of fire extinguishers on small fires.

It is important to remember that fire extinguishers are only for tackling small fires and to aide safe escape from a building - you should never put yourself at risk and get safely out of the building.

How many fire wardens should there be in your workplace?

There is no set amount and all depends on the workplace, size and risks involved.

A general rule is Low risk premises 1 per 50 members of staff, Medium risk 1 per 20 and High risk 1 per 15.

Other factors to take into consideration are:

  • Number of buildings & floors

  • Types of occupants

  • Number of shifts

  • Holidays and sickness cover

  • Type of workplace

When choosing a fire marshal course for your staff look for in depth courses that cover all aspects of fire safety and take into account things like current legislation.
For information on the fire safety awareness and fire marshal training courses we offer please visit our Fire Safety Training Page.

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