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Is fire safety training a legal requirement?

Legislation and Section 21 of the Fire Safety Order states that employees are provided with adequate training when they are first employed and at regular intervals from then on, normally every 12 months.

What is deemed as "adequate" all depends on the type of work been carried out and the premises they work from.

As well as what is included within basic fire safety awareness training all site specific risks should be included.

The type of training required and when it should be undertaken should form part of your overall fire safety management and be included within the businesses fire safety policy.

Different businesses will require varying levels of fire safety training dependant on the work processes carried out in the workplace but as a minimum the following should be followed:

  • Are all staff given adequate fire safety instruction and training on induction?

  • Are all staff given adequate refresher training at suitable intervals?

  • Are any appointed fire wardens given additional training?


Does staff training or instruction include the following:

  • Fire risks in the premises?

  • The general fire precautions in the building?

  • Action in the event of a fire?

  • Action on hearing the alarm?

  • Method of operation of manual call point?

  • Location and use of fire extinguishers?

  • Means for calling the fire and rescue service?

  • Identity of persons nominated to assist with evacuation?

  • Identify of persons nominated to use fire extinguishers?

In addition the following should also be considered: 


  • Are all fire drills carried out at appropriate intervals and recorded?

  • Has a fire evacuation plan been devised and made clear to all employees?

  • Are there sufficient channels of communication of fire safety information between employer and employee?

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