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Online Fire Safety Courses

Online fire awareness training is a type of training that is designed to educate individuals about fire safety and help them understand how to prevent fires from occurring, as well as how to respond effectively in the event of a fire.

Online fire awareness training courses can cover a wide range of topics, including fire prevention, fire hazards, fire detection and alarm systems, fire extinguishers, emergency evacuation procedures, and the roles and responsibilities of fire wardens or marshals.

Online fire awareness training is a convenient and accessible way to learn about fire safety, as it can be completed from anywhere with an internet connection and at a time that is convenient for the learner.


It can also be a cost-effective way to provide fire safety training to large numbers of people, such as employees in a workplace or residents in a multi-occupancy building.



  • Can be accessed from work or at home

  • Safe and comfortable learning environment

  • Build skills

  • Gain CPD points

  • Financial benefits

  • 24 hour access to course material

It is important to note that while online fire awareness training can be a valuable tool for educating individuals about fire safety, it should not be considered a substitute for hands-on training or practical experience in fire safety procedures.

Benefits of online fire safety courses

For information on the fire safety awareness and fire marshal training courses we offer please visit our Fire Safety Training Page.

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