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Fire Safety - is your business compliant?

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Each week there are news stories of various businesses falling foul of fire safety regulations and incurring huge fines.

Buildings not correctly fire risk assessed, un-maintained fire doors and equipment all contributing to action been brought against them.

Each business has a person responsible for the overseeing of fire safety ‘Responsible Person’ normally the manager. If not the Responsible person themselves a ‘competent person’ should be appointed to carry out fire risk assessments, equipment maintenance and staff training.

Use the following checklist to assist you in complying with your obligations:

  • If your business has no competent person ie, someone competent of carrying out fire safety related tasks then you should look to an outside company to handle this for you.

  • Review your fire risk assessment annually and ensure any physical changes to the building have been updated. Also if there has been significant change to your business operations ie, kitchens enlarged, more stock etc then these changes should also be updated on the risk assessment.

  • Staff should be trained annually whether this be in way of online training or practical demonstrations. Employees should be aware of the fire risk and what actions to take should there be a fire. Keep records of all training which you can produce should you be asked.

  • Each time you have new starters within your business ensure they are fully aware of your fire plan and try to ensure they are given the appropriate fire training as soon as possible if it cannot be carried out within their first week.

  • Keep all firefighting equipment maintained to the required standards. A monthly check list should be kept which shows records of all equipment checks been carried out.

Finally never take the attitude it will never happen to us or we will not get caught. Your local fire service inspect businesses on a regular basis with no notice given.

Could your business survive the potential fines and bad publicity?

More importantly it is your employee’s lives you are risking by not ensuring your fire safety assessments are carried out or up to date.

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