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Is your business protected from Arson?

Updated: Jun 25, 2022


Have you thought about the affects of arson on your business and if you would be able to recover should you become the target of such an act?

If not why not?

Government statistics for England and Wales show that in 2008 there was an estimated cost of £8.3 billion with £1.7 billion down to arson.

It is the responsible person’s duty to be aware of arson and the effects it can have on their business.

It is good practice for Fire safety and security managers to let other local businesses know when incidents occur so they can take any necessary precautions they may deem fit as it is common for arsonists to return to the same area.

As part of your businesses fire risk assessment the likelihood and resulting consequences of arson should be included and following factors noted:

Unused Buildings

Often target of graffiti, fly posting and in turn fall into states of dis-repair making them attractive targets to arsonists.

Buildings Lacking Care

Lacking in care which again leads to actions such as graffiti and in turn become an attractive target.


Starting with small fires such as waste bins and gradually progressing to major fires.

Combustible Materials

Cardboard, wooden pallets and other waste items collected in the course of business all left outside become great materials for arsonists to set alight. Left close to buildings the resulting fire can be devastating so ensure all waste materials are moved well away from buildings.

Flammable Liquids

Flammable liquids should also be stored correctly and securely.


Do not allow rubbish and materials to build up outside your premises. Where possible waste material should be placed in the bins and outside immediately prior to collection.


Security of your premises should be reviewed periodically and extra reviews carried out when there have been incidents reported in your area.

It is good practice to liaise with your insurance company when planning your security as they can offer advice and ensure your fully covered against such acts.

By maintaining a high standard of fire safety management you will be helping prevent arsonists from targeting your business.

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