Role of a Fire Warden

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Role of a Fire Warden in the Workplace

The primary role of a fire warden (also known as a fire marshal) is to ensure the safe exit of all occupants of the building they are responsible for in the event of a fire.

Appointed by the Responsible Person a fire warden’s duties will normally be appointed upon the completion of a fire risk assessment and the various risks have been identified.

There is no set rule for the amount of fire wardens required but 1 warden per every floor your premises has should suffice.

As part of the businesses fire safety policy fire wardens and their roles should be clearly identified.


Part of the responsibilities of a fire warden is to carry out regular and periodic checks of any fire safety measures and equipment that are present within the premises.

The checks carried out will depend on the type of risks, installed fire protection measures and any other contributing factors identified in the fire risk assessment but the following shows the kind of duties a fire warden will be expected to carry out:


  • Can fire exits be opened immediately and without obstruction

  • Are fire doors clear of obstruction

  • Are escape routes clear

  • Is the fire alarm panel showing normal

  • Are luminaries and exit signs in good condition

  • Is the emergency lighting and signs working correctly

  • Are all fire extinguishers in place and clearly visible

  • Are fire hydrants accessible for the fire service


  • Are fire doors clear of obstruction and escape routes clear

  • Did the fire alarm work correctly when tested

  • Are charging indicators on the emergency lighting working and visible

  • Is all fire equipment serviceable

  • Are all fire extinguishers wall mounted appropriately or placed on stands


  • Do automatic fire doors operate on alarm activation

  • Are self-closing devices in working order

  • Are all external stairs in good condition and non-slip

  • Do all internal fire doors close flush against their stop

  • Do all luminaries and exit signs work when tested

  • Does the pressure gauge on all fire extinguishers read in green

The above is to give you a general idea of what the role of a fire warden could entail but is not exhaustive and each building is unique to the risks identified within the fire risk assessment.

Other duties

As well as the various designated checks a fire warden’s duty would also be to:

  • Raise the alarm and call the emergency services

  • Be familiar with the escape routes in the area they are responsible for

  • Train to safely use portable firefighting equipment should the need arise

  • Ensure evacuations are carried out in a timely manner

  • Conduct a sweep through their designated area turning off any heating equipment and closing windows on doors on the way if safe to do so.

  • Direct people to the assembly point assisting any disabled persons present.

  • Once outside the fire warden should account for all occupants whether that be way of a head count or by any designated roster/register.

  • Meet the fire service on arrival providing as much information as possible.

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