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What is Fire Safety Management?

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Does the fire safety management within your business seem daunting? Not sure what needs testing when or struggle to remember?

A lot of businesses fail to fully understand what is involved and what they are actually liable for under the fire safety order leading them open to potential prosecution even when they believe they are doing what is right. A fire safety management plan should be implemented on the following:


Planning should include:

Adopting a systematic approach for completing risk assessments to decide on priorities and to set objectives to eliminate or reduce risks.


This should detail how the organisations structured and may include depending on the size of the business:

  • How health and safety information is communicated to all employees.

  • Carrying out a fire risk assessment

  • What employee’s involvement has been in complying with all aspects of the fire safety risk assessment?

  • Effective communication systems to employees and other employers or other responsible persons.

  • Securing competence by having adequate information, instruction and training.

  • An emergency and evacuation plan

  • Details of fire drills

  • Housekeeping and fire prevention measures

  • Arson prevention

  • Maintenance arrangements (ie fire extinguishers, fire alarm etc)

  • Details of fire doors and protected routes


Identify the people who may have responsibility for carrying out the fire safety issues throughout the premises.

Established control measures should:

  • Clarify fire safety responsibilities.

  • Ensure those with responsibilities understand their roles and responsibilities.

  • Set specific and measurable standards to judge performance.

  • Ensure adequate supervision.

  • Monitoring

  • Identify how the responsible person will measure the success of the fire safety policy.


Identify a regular review procedure to include any identified deficiencies and a process by which they can be rectified.

The review should:

  • Have policies to ensure remedial work is carried out.

  • Have a system to ensure remedial work not done is prioritised and completed.

  • Review the management systems to ensure they remain effective.

Once in place your emergency plan can be effectively implemented detailing what actions staff and visitors should take in the event of a fire. All emergency plans should be relevant to your premises and be based on the outcome of your fire risk assessment. If you are unsure of exactly what is required of you as a business or would like to outsource your fire safety management to guarantee all your legal obligations are met and effective documentation is in place we have various management plans to assist you with this. We have affordable plans to assist you with the fire safety management of your premises right from basic help up to full management of your fire safety obligations.

You can find out more about how we can assist you at:

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