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What is fire safety training?

Fire safety training is a form of training given to staff to help them understand both how to prevent fire in their workplace and actions they should take if fire ever breaks out.

The level of training required depends on certain factors such as the size of the premises and work undertaken within those premises.

Training given may be in the form of a basic fire awareness and site specific risks up to full in depth fire warden courses where a practical element is introduced by way of the operation of various types of fire extinguishers.

The type of training required and when it should be undertaken should form of your overall fire safety management and be included within the businesses fire safety policy.

Training should include but not limited to:


  • The location of emergency exits  

  • The location of designated assembly points  

  • What to do if they discover a fire  

  • Actions on hearing the fire alarm  

  • Locations of fire safety equipment and call points.  

  • Company smoking policy and designates areas  

  • Importance of keeping escape routes and exits clear of obstructions  

  • Importance of closing fire doors  

  • Any specific brief that relates to the work carried out on your premises 

In addition the following should also be considered: 

  • Are all fire drills carried out at appropriate intervals and recorded?

  • Has a fire evacuation plan been devised and made clear to all employees?

  • Are there sufficient channels of communication of fire safety information between employer and employee?

Any site-specific risks should also be considered when staff training is given to ensure the relevance of training to their workplace including evacuation of disabled staff & visitors, as necessary.

For information on the fire safety awareness and fire marshal training courses we offer please visit our Fire Safety Training Page.


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