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P50 Service Free Fire Extinguishers

Want to save money on your annual fire extinguisher servicing costs?

Of course you do...who doesn't?  

P50 fire extinguishers are composite fire extinguishers that can offer substantial savings and environmental benefits to any organisation or setting.

The savings are made as P50 service free fire extinguishers do not require annual servicing or extended 5 yearly servicing from external contractors.

P50 fire extinguishers are lightweight & corrosion free making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

At White Rose Fire Safety, we are dedicated to providing you with top-of-the-line fire extinguishers that are designed to meet the unique needs of different types of fires and the P50 service free fire extinguishers make an excellent choice to any setting.


Benefits of a P50 Service Free Fire Extinguisher

  • BSI kite-marked, UKCA, EN3, PED and MED approved.

  • Fewer fire extinguishers needed overall

  • No annual servicing costs

  • 20 year life cycle

  • 10 year guarantee

Environmentally Friendly

A greener alternative to traditional extinguishers as they last longer, reduce your carbon footprint and our manufactured using a low energy production so as well as saving you money they can also assist you with your Eco-Friendly workplace policies.


Switch the P50 Service Free Fire Extinguisher Today & Save Money


BEFW6EFBAS 1000x1000 (1).jpg

Water Mist P50

Fluorine-Free Foam P50

Powder P50

Wet Chemical P50

Pay in 4 interest free installments with clearpay.
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